Georgia Heller - Quilt Artist

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About the Artist

Georgia Heller’s award winning quilts range from contemporary versions of traditional folk art to pictorial and contemporary designs. An aptitude in math and science during her school years led Georgia to a successful career working with computer systems and software for IBM. After “taking a package,” she joined a software consulting company, running their Eastern Operations for several years before she decided to “take a year off.”

A few weeks later, while browsing in a local bookstore, Georgia became intrigued by a book about using a computer to design quilts. She signed up for a beginning quilting class and soon discovered she loved manipulating shapes and color. Although her mother and grandmother were accomplished seamstresses, until that point, Georgia’s sewing skills were limited to sewing on a button and repairing a seam.

Georgia never did go back to work, but has been a quilt artist ever since.

Artist Statement

I consider myself a 21st century folk artist. After retiring from a successful business career, I discovered a love of quilts and quilt-making. I enjoy quilt design and at times use the computer to assist in the early stages of the design process. The last couple of years my focus has been on developing quilted collage techniques to achieve different visual and textural effects. The use of colorful fabrics, decorative threads and the sewing machine enhance and embellish the folk art quality of the quilts.